Alfredo Steiner - Player of the Month, September 2021

Alfredo Steiner – Player of the Month, September 2021

Published on: 28/09/2021
Alfredo Steiner NF Academy Player of September 2021

Alfredo Steiner
Player of the Month September 2021

Left-Wing | 2006 | Sweden

Current Club: Göteborgs Atlet- & Idrottssällskap GAIS logo

Alfredo has all the technical and physical skills that a player needs to be good as a winger: speed, excellent ball-control and dribbling, he loves to have the ball with him and he plays well with both feet. In addition, one of the things we also NF Coaches highlight is his passion and happiness when he is on the field.

At 15 years old, he already represented the U15 Swedish National Team, joined several international experiences through NF Academy, and had great performances at his current club GAIS. Keeping this performance and hard work, NF really believes Alfredo can reach his goal: achieve the professional stage!

Alfredo Steiner NF Academy Player of September 2021


Alfredo joined the first NF event in 2018. He was 12 years old, always ready to play and with great quality, year-by-year and after many several local and international programs with NF Academy, NF coaches noted an exemplar improvement from this enormous youth potential due to all of his commitment, passion, and desire to achieve the highest level. Alfredo participated in Local events in Sweden, International Tournaments and joined Sporting CP for a week through NF Academy.

If you are interested in join football experiences abroad, click here to see the upcoming programs NF has for you.

In 2021, Alfredo and his parents decided to join the new program that NF Academy has been building and moving ahead on a way more to support and guide our network players: the NF Career Management. The Swedish winger will have a close follow-up and guidance from a professional NF coach. Through this program, NF Academy will work on detail level through all knowledge, experience, and background we have on youth football and besides that will also work to create opportunities with Portuguese clubs for professional contracts or to play abroad as an amateur and be an advisory partner for the player and family in making career choices. Read more about NF Career Management here.

Alfredo Steiner NF Academy Player of September 2021

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