NF Academy made me a much better player

Kimi Storsjö development over the last three years is in many ways a textbook example of what NF Academy wants to achieve: We want to make every player maximize their long and short term potential.

The Parent role in Youth Football

Parents oftentimes play a crucial in their kid's development on the football pitch. Trygve Lorentzen is a football dad who seems to have a great influence on his son's development as a player. [...]

Maximize your potential this summer

Good coaching and continuity is the key to excel and NF Academy has a plan for you to get your talent development back on track, both in the field and online, all through the summer.

Top Individual Virtual Coaching

NF Academy has created a new virtual program to be closer to our players with Top training and close follow upon their needs. Read about the why we start the program and some feedback from [...]

What does it take to reach top?

NF Academy director Joao Plantier has coached world-class players. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on what it takes to thrive on the football pitch.

How to become a pro football player?

How many hours should you put in on a weekly basis? Should you track your progression? What about weight training? NF Academy accomplished coach Gonçalo Nunes opens up on what it takes to reach [...]