Frequently asked questions and answers – NF Academy

Who can apply to NF Academy programs?

In each program we detail what are the age categories that can apply to that specific program. At the moment we are running camps that accept players born between 2003 up to 2010.

How do I apply for a NF Academy program?

We have two types of programs: open programs and application programs. When a program is open, it means that we accept all players from that age category if we have enough spots left. When a program requires application, you’ll need to fill the application form that will be displayed on that product page and we’ll get back to you after our coaches review your application.

How do you pick out the players?

Our coaches review the players’ applications. We call the references provided and evaluate the submitted videos, and we always evaluate players when they go to a NF Academy camp.

How long does the selection process take?

Based on how complementary your application is and how much work it takes to find out if you fit our program, it can take anywhere from one day to a two weeks. In any case, we will keep you updated and stay in touch.

Do we need any insurance other than travel insurance?

As long as your travel insurance covers damage and accidents associated with sports, you do not need any other insurance.

Can we pay by card?

For our local camps, the payment is through which accepts credit card. For our international camps, we only accept bank transfers.

Will I receive a receipt when I have paid?

Yes, you will receive a receipt after you complete the payment.

Do you help us to book flights?

Unfortunately no. All participants must arrange flights themselves. Flights are not included in the package price.

Will there be transport from the airport to the hotel?

We offer transportation to airport which can be ordered when the booking form is completed. (If you wish to order a post-clearance transport, please contact

Can we come one day before or stay a few days after the event?

Yes, we can help you and book extra nights at the same hotel, as long as they have capacity. Please contact to book additional nights.

Will there be room for parents / relatives in transportation from hotels – training facilities?

No, transport is the starting point for the players. If there is extra space, parents / family can join.

Can parents / relatives participate in the workouts / matches?

Usually, parents are welcome to watch training and matches. At the Sporting Academy they have their own rules that do not allow parent / family entry.

If I have any questions or doubts about NF Academy programs, who should I contact?

You can send an email to and we’ll answer your email in 2 to 10 working days.

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