NF Goalkeeper Camp

NF Goalkeeper camp is a high-quality goalkeeper program for those who are passionate about their specific keeper role and positioning. The program is for goalkeepers who want to improve and develop their skills and knowledge through new modern goalkeeper methods. The methodology is taken from experienced Portuguese goalkeeper coaches from top clubs in Portugal.

Goals of the program

NF Academy promotes the the development of the players in a holistic way, where technical, tactical, mental and social skills are integrated in our training methodology. During this camp, the focus will be on:

  • Develop players’ game understanding and decision-making process
  • Social learning, social cohesion with positive environment
  • Prepare players for regional tournaments and selections

Player Package

2 training sessions of 75 minutes per day
1 theoretical session per day
Groups of 15 goalkeepers max
1 experienced Portuguese Head Coach per group
Award for the “Player of the Camp”
Diploma to all participants

159 € per player
Equipment package Light 39,90 € per package (1 pair of soccer socks, shorts and 2 training jerseys)
Equipment package Basic 69,90 € per package (Jacket, 2 pairs of soccer socks, shorts, 2 training jerseys)

Organizer and contact

NF Academy International collaborates with local clubs and partners in connection with the implementation of local events. If you click on “Book now” for the event you wish to attend, you will receive information about which player is the responsible organizer and contact information.

Next Events

Date Program Country Place Age Group
21 – 22 March 2020 NF Goalkeeper Camp Norway Høvåg 2004-2011

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