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Distinguishing between being parents who contribute positively to their child’s development and one that does not contribute is small, and something one must always keep in mind. Parents can, and should, be a very important person in the children’s sporting development.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Think of the children’s best interests and their goals – not your own.
  • Before talking, focus on the player’s development – not necessarily current achievements
  • Have a close dialogue with coaches before giving tactical advice, so the player does not come in a conflict of interest between parent and coach messages.


The rules below are written to ensure that the sports program can be implemented as planned in a positive and friendly manner, without any unnecessary disturbance. Violation of the rules can lead to expulsion of both the parent and the player from the event, ie both the sports program and the hotel.

  • Don’t put yourself in the coach’s decisions. This includes tactics, choice of player positions, division of the group and the like, during warm up, training / match and afterwards. It will be possible to talk to the coaches after training / match (when the coach finishes the training)
  • Don’t complain about the opponents’ team or the referee

How can you help?

NF Academy makes itself available for guidance and counseling if this is something you consider to be a challenge in the development of your own child. Contact us for advice by clicking here.

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