Nf Academy Coach João Plantier


NF Academy Director, João Plantier has a long, impressive CV both internationally and locally in Portugal, and has already developed several superstars and team captains of European champions.

In NF Academy Joao Plantier develops Scandinavian football players, coaches courses and lead football academy programs.


  • Master of Physical Education
  • 7 years as the main coach of age-old teams at Sporting CP
  • 10 years as a scout for Sporting CP
  • 1 year at Manchester United Soccer Schools
  • 4 years as the main coach of age-based teams of Associação Desportiva de Oeiras
  • 4 years as the main coach of age-old teams at Casa Pia Atlético Clube

What do you like the most about coaching?

Bringing players to their maximum skill level is something that pleases me very much.


Why should Scandinavian players join NF Academy?

I see great potential among the NF Academy players. The Scandinavian players have a strong focus on learning when they come to us. Technically they are good with the ball and are in line with the Portuguese of the same age. One of the challenges is, that in Norway there is lack of competition for the younger players, in my opinion in our life almost all is about winning and losing, and that is an important factor to work with kids to know how to deal with that, challenge them is the way to make them better. Another important factor is the understanding of the game, they have parent coaches in almost all the clubs during their youth, they have a big will to teach them but they are not ready to develop young players according to their problems. Game understanding is something we can work to improve in our programs.

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