National team players in NF Academy

National team players in NF Academy

Published on: 12/07/2019


During the last four years, NF Academy has worked with a total of twelve players in their programs that now play in national teams. Below you can see the full list of those 12 players and in which club they are currently playing on.

  • Jesper Fiksdal
    Jesper Fiksdal

    Viking FK, Norway, 2004

  • Dylan Ryan Murugesapillai
    Dylan Ryan Murugesapillai

    Lillestrøm SK, Norway, 2004

  • Filip Melbin
    Filip Melbin

    AB, Denmark, 2003

  • Kristian Arnstad
    Kristian Arnstad

    RSC Anderlecht, Norway, 2003

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  • Odin Holm
    Odin Holm

    Vålerenga, Norway, 2003

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  • Andreas Haug
    Andreas Haug

    Oppsal, Norway, 2003

  • Fredrik Oppegård
    Fredrik Oppegård

    PSV Eindhoven, Denmark, 2002

  • Oscar Fuglsang
    Oscar Fuglsang

    Silkeborg, Denmark, 2002

  • Lucas Kåhed
    Lucas Kåhed

    IFK Gøteborg, Sweden, 2002

  • Niklas Edris Haugland
    Niklas Edris Haugland

    Leeds United, Norway, 2002

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  • Alexander Hughes
    Alexander Hughes

    Chile/Sweden, 2004

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