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NF Academy Coach – Beatriz Teixeira

Published on: 11/05/2020
NF Academy Coach Beatriz Teixeira

NF ACADEMY COACH – Beatriz Teixeira

When I was 15 years old, my teammates dreamed of becoming the next Marta or Cristiano Ronaldo. I always knew I wanted to be one of the best coaches in the world! That’s my commitment!


  • Assistant Coach ACC U13 & U14 – 2 years
  • Main Coach in AAC U13 – 1 year
  • Main Coach in Sporting CP U13 & U15 – 3 years


  • UEFA B Coach
  • Coerver Coach
  • FCDEF – UC:
    – Sports Science Degree
    – Physical Education Masters

What do you like the most about coaching?

Beyond the enthusiasm about the game, you teach and learn on a daily bases. A player who can’t think the game won’t be able to be consistent and intelligence in playing it. I like to do my best all the time to systematise the game and help the players understand the differences of its moments, by discussing them and also the best possibilities to sort them out.


Why should youth players join NF Academy?

Have you ever felt the game of your team doesn’t flow because of a technical miss performance of yours? NF Academy helps you to understand why, helps you with your performance and growth within the game.

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