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NF Academy Coach – David Fernandes

Published on: 16/09/2020

NF ACADEMY COACH – David Fernandes

For the past five years, David has worked with player development, of which three are as head coaches for youth teams. He is driven by a strong passion to contribute to the development of young players.

As a coach, David’s specialty is to identify the players’ weaknesses and weed them out through a balanced combination of individual exercises and team training, which fits perfectly with NF Academy’s methods.


  • 1 year as Main Coach in Sporting Clube de Portugal (U-10)
  • 1 year as Main Coach in Escola Academia Sporting – Carnide (U-13)
  • 1 year as Main Coach in Grupo Desportivo da Ilha (U-15)
  • 2 years as Assistant Coach in Grupo Desportivo da Ilha (U-13)

Academic Background

  • UEFA B
  • Master of Physical Education, in Faculty of Human Kinetics
  • Sports Training Degree in Sports Science School of Rio Maior, with specialization in Football

What do you like the most about coaching?

I’m passionate about learning and understanding. My main mission as a coach is to provide the greatest possible learning for the players, helping them, within their skills and capacities, to improve their own game. There is no limits for improving.


Why should youth players join NF Academy?

NF Academy gives the opportunity to develop the best of every player, through unique and personalized experiences. Each player has the chance to get better in NF Academy. For that, youth players should join NF Academy.

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