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NF Academy Coach – Rodrigo Silva

Published on: 16/03/2022

NF Academy Coach – Rodrigo Silva

Rodrigo’s experience ranges from working as a technical coordinator and working with player development, to working as a head coach for senior teams, which makes him a complete coach with experience from many fields.

He is a very competent communicator and leader, which means that his training with young players has a great effect.

UEFA B course | 12 years of experience


  • Head coach of Benfica / Feillie Techincal Partnership Ruding U17, China
  • Technical coordinator at FC Barreirense
  • Head coach of ACRUT Zambujalense senior team, Portugal
  • Head coach of Sporting CP School Adademy U15, Portugal
  • Internship as coach at Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Portugal

How do you feel your values ​​and working methods fit in with NF Academy?

I strongly believe that my values ​​and working methods as a coach match NF Academys. For me, both as a person and as a coach, values ​​are the most important aspect of training. I have a strong belief in honesty, humility, hard work, emotions, mental and social satisfaction for everyone, and the most important value of them all, that the player always comes first.

Regarding working methods, NF Academy always seeks to convey understanding of the game, by combining the search for better decisions with correct guiding. It’s important to me to always ask players what’s behind their decisions.

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