NF Academy Membership Program

About the Membership

NF Academy Membership program is tailored for footballers and parents. Here you will get discounts on our own programs, training equipment, food, insurance and accommodation to name a few.

There are many benefits with the program, but we are of the opinion that if you are to have one program first, it must be a perceived benefit and that you save good money.

The benefits program is personal and is valid for one year from the time you order. We will continuously update the program and welcome tips for new partners.


NF Academy Benefits program open to all our players of all countries, regardless of age and skills. It is a unique opportunity for our members to obtain a number of benefits from NF Academy’s Programs and Partners.

The membership program yearly subscription can be acquired at the moment trough one of our local websites: Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
This means that citizens from other countries can also subscribe but, they will need to choose one of the websites and register/sign up for the subscription there.


Select the country site of your preference under and you will be automatically redirected to see full benefits of the membership subscription and sign up path! After the subscription order is finalized you will receive an email with the discount codes and benefits straight away.



Get a number of unique discounts on NF Academy’s own programs such as NF Team Training, NF Individual Training and NF Club Experience, NF Physical Training Program, NF Individual Development Program, and much more.

With the NF Membership program, you always get really good prices on selected NF Academy courses.


As a member with us, you will get good discounts at Unisportstore on the entire range. Football boots, supporter equipment,
You get a fixed discount on soccer jerseys and training clothes, all year round. Members will also be sent their own shopping code with a significant discount on the entire range for Unisportstore 3-4 times a year.

Tempt it with new football boots with 25% discount on the new top model for Nike?


We work with a number of well-known brands, and more are added on an ongoing basis.
Let´s say you want a discount on, for example, accommodation, insurance, pizza or training clothes, this is the membership program you should choose.


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