NF Academy Player - Bashir Bashiir

NF Academy Player – Bashir Bashiir

Published on: 09/08/2021
NF Academy Player Bashir Bashiir

Bashir Bashiir

Striker/Winger | 2005 | Sweden

Bashir Bashiir got the opportunity to join the SC Braga academy for a 10-day trial period!

The 2005 striker and winger was supported by NF Academy in the last two years to try to reach the next step in his career. From a local camp in Sweden until today, Bashir got several unique experiences through NF Academy.

The player keeps being followed up by other top academies that he attended, but Bashir accepted the challenge to join SC Braga and he is very happy with the experience. We will keep working hard to find new solutions and opportunities for NF Players.

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