NF Academy Player - Bendik Foss Evensen

NF Academy Player – Bendik Foss Evensen

Published on: 13/07/2021
NF Academy Bendik Foss Evensen

Bendik Evensen

Striker | 2004 | Norway

The striker Bendik Evensen joined a week of training at Sporting Braga academy.

One of the most prestigious Portuguese football academies received Bendik in June in Portugal. The player was invited to train with the U17 main team for a week; he is delighted with the opportunity. Braga SC is one more door that NF Academy has opened to have top players with them.

One of the NF Academy goals is to keep creating new opportunities for its players using its network of clubs, and with so many talented players that already joined NF programs, this list will probably growing in the upcoming months.

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