NF Academy won the Nordic Invitational in Denmark

NF Academy won Nordic Invitational Cup in Denmark

Published on: 12/08/2019

NF Academy won Nordic Invitational Cup in Denmark


The first edition of the elite tournament ended with a victory for the NF Academy’s U14 team, and several good performances by the other NF teams.


The tournament brought together Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and German teams, in addition to NF Academy, in the age classes U12 to U19. The U14 team won the finals by 6-3 against Mjøndalen while Esbjerg beat Kolding 3-0 in the bronze final. NF Academy lost 2 of 6 matches in the group stage, where the defeat came against just the two Danish opponents in the bronze final.

NF Academy played in unison since the start of the tournament and had a nice progression throughout the cup.

The advantage of this type of training program is that we can combine good matches with good training sessions, while playing against professional clubs. It gives the players the right mentality. I feel it is very important to drive good player development in young players. The fact that we have the opportunity to work with them over time means that we can constantly develop them in the best possible environment at a good international level, says Academy Director Joao Plantier.

NF Academy U14 team celebrating their victory
NF Academy U14 team celebrating their victory
All NF Academy teams participating in Nordic Invitational Cup
All NF Academy teams participating in Nordic Invitational Cup
The U13 team celebrating after finishing 2nd place
The U13 team celebrating after finishing 2nd place

Perfect Conditions

In Esbjerg, NF Academy’s teams had their training sessions and matches on high quality pitches in great weather.

We had great facilities and all the prerequisites for getting good workouts throughout the week. The grass courts were good and there was the opportunity to take a bath or Jacuzzi as a rest after training and matches. We got 6 very good workouts before the tournament started, in addition to a session with our physical therapist, Academy Director Plantier continues.

The tournament was previously part of Iber Cup, but during last summer each organisation decided to go their own ways. It was then decided that Nordic Invitational Cup would become a stage for elite teams to compete.

NF Academy’s players had good matches against strong teams, but due to many other tournaments taking place at the same time, there were few teams in some age categories. The last week of July is a demanding time for tournaments. Norway Cup is played simultaneously, and other major tournaments are played in both Denmark and Sweden during the same period.

This is a new tournament, and we were disappointed with the low team participation. That said, the quality of the teams that our teams faced was good. NF Academy met good Scandinavian teams, with which our players performed very well, concludes Academy Director Joao Plantier.

Top achievements

NF Academy’s teams delivered good results throughout the week.

  • U12 lost the final against Esbjerg
  • In U13, Kolding got the upper hand, leaving NF Academy with the 2nd place
  • The U14 won the finals and took home the 1st place trophy
  • Hansa Rostock won the bronze final against the NF Academy in the U15. NF finished 4th
  • U16 met very good opposition and finished 4th

After a short summer break, NF Academy is back with two training camps abroad. Players can apply for a place in NF Elite Training Camp in Portugal during the autumn holidays.

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