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Training and matches together with our regional teams.


A unique opportunity for motivated players looking for continuity and quality. Through the Team Training program, the player gets the opportunity to work closely with an experienced coach from a Portuguese top clubs, and get integrated into a group of other skilled players from the region.

Each training group is built up with players in different positions, and the program is combined with team training, friendly matches, team meetings and individual player  consultations.


NF Team Training is a tailor-made program for committed players who want to participate in team training where you combine theory, training matches and training sessions. The program is perfect for players who did not make the regional team, but is also a good supplement for those who did.

Players must have a good to high regional level, be willing to learn and have a high motivation to participate. For the younger players, NF Team Training is the perfect arena to prepare for zone and circuit selection. To qualify for NF Team Training, the players must have participated in other NF Academy events, such as the NF International Trials, so that the coaches can put together teams of the right level in relation to age.


These are our main objectives with the NF Team Training program:

  • Give motivated Norwegian players a professional program designed to promote development through close follow-up from skilled coaches over a period of time.
  • Give talented players that have not been selected for the regional teams an arena that makes it possible for them to continue developing on a high level.
  • Stimulate the growth of social development within new groups of player, and being able to meet and interact with new friends.
  • Share knowledge and competence with clubs in the region where all coaches are welcome to observe our training sessions.
  • Give players international challenges by inviting them to programs abroad.





Our coaches does an internal evaluation of all participating players. Based on the evaluation and the level of the player, we give invitations to train with European academies of top quality, our scholarship program, participation in international elite tournaments with our elite teams, or participation in international training camps. Throughout the last year, many players have participated at a local camp, and has been chosen and invited to train with academies of top quality.



• 5 weekends with 2 training sessions each
• 10 training sessions in total
• 5 friendly matches in total*
• Experienced Portuguese Head coach
• Team meetings and analysis of games
• Evaluation rapport provided with individual feedback after the end of the season


Price per player
5 weekends 10600 NOK (for members 25% discount = 7950 NOK)


• 5 weekends with 2 training sessions each
• 10 training sessions in total
• 5 friendly matches in total*
• A combination of specialized goalkeeper training and exercises with the team
• Team meetings and analysis of games
• Evaluation rapport provided with individual feedback after the end of the season


Price per goalkeeper
5 weekends 10600 NOK (for members 25% discount = 7950 NOK)


Prices in NOK as this program is only available in Norway:
• Equipment pack Light – 499 NOK
Includes: 1 pair of football socks, 1 short and 2  training shirts


• Equipment pack Standard – 899 NOK
Includes: 1 jacket, 1 pair of football socks, 1 short and 2 training shirts

Upcoming NF Team Training Events

NF Team Training Oslo

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NF Team Training Stavanger

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NF Team Training Kristiansand

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NF Team Training Trondheim

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We work by the principle «to teach the game by playing it». Our exercises are therefore developed to recreate the intensity and complexity that the players experience in the different situations of the game. The sessions are of high intensity, many involvements with the ball, focus on taking the right decisions and giving the players a better understanding of the game. In all of our activities, our main objective is to develop the player. For the players that wants to train regularly with NF Academy we focus on the following:

  • Intensive training designed for player development
  • Individual follow up over time
  • Training adapted to the level of the player and their goals for learning
  • Play games against teams that gives the players sufficient challenge to increase their level as a player

Training groups

At our local training camps, we differentiate both level and ages to create homogeneous training groups. Each training group normally consist of 12 to 20 players + goalkeepers. Every training group is being coached by an experienced Portuguese head coach, and will normally also be assisted by a local coach who speaks the local language.


What the coaches, Rodrigo Silva and David Fernandes have in common is a burning passion for developing players. With a total of thirty years of experience from the academy in Portugal, players in the Oslo region will in future be able to work closely with very competent player developers.

Rodrigo Silva identified early on that the NF Academy project is something that harmonizes well with his own perspective for player development.

– My values ​​and working methods as a coach match very well with the NF Academy. Values ​​are for me, both as a person and as a trainer, the most important aspect of training. I strongly believe in honesty, humility, work effort and physical and social satisfaction of all players. And the most important value of them all, that the player always comes first.

The duo from Portugal have already made acquaintances with several Norwegian players through several local NF Programmes. David Fernandes, with a background as a coach from Sporting CP, sees great potential in Norwegian players.

– The players we have worked with bring with them the basic desire for learning and development. They are focused, interested, take initiative and have a strong competitive instinct.


NF Academy collaborates with local clubs and partners to execute local training camps. If you click on “Read more” for the event you wish to attend, you will receive information about which person/club who is the responsible organizer and find their contact details. Do you want NF academy to come to your city? We have a base of experienced Portuguese coaches located in Portugal that is available to execute local training camps in different cities all around the world. For us to come to your city you can become a local partner or connect us with a club that want to do an event in collaboration with us.

Become a partner
In each country, we have regional partners who organize local training camp using our expertise and experienced Portuguese youth developers. If you want to have more training camps in your region you can apply to become a partner.


«I participated with NF Academy’s U13 team, which was great! Vi got to the quarter final, where we lost to Sporting CP on penalties. It’s not the best way to go out of a competition, but the whole setup is great with some very good coaches!”
Niklas Haugland, Leeds U23 and Norway U17 national team

“I would say my time with NF Academy has helped take away the challenging aspect that new situations can produce, such as getting national team callups, changing clubs or taking further steps as a player. Their programs are on a high level, with good coaches, and there are players from different nationalities who seek the same as you. It really makes you develop both as a person and a player.”
Oscar Fuglesang, Silkeborg and Denmark U17 national team

«João Plantier has played an important part in my career for several reasons. He gave me freedom and believed in me. We had a close relationship, and he monitored me the whole way. João gave me feedback on what I needed to improve during matches, and last but not least, he was very good at constantly providing me with new challenges.”
Zeca, Captain of FC Copenhagen and Greece national team

“I played together with same very good players and trained under very competent coaches. First and foremost, it was a great experience, and I got a good reference on what level the best teams in Europe were on. Such programs carry a lot of worth, because they later on make the transition to new teams and levels easier.”
Kristian Arnstad, RSC Anderlecht and captain of Norway U16

“The training sessions are on a very high level, and there are exercises I have never participated in before. I have learned a lot, which I take with me to my training back home in Norway”
Dylan Ryan Murugesapilla, Lillestrøm and captain of Norway U15

“My boys (born 2004 and 2007) are really excited to come to the IberCup Cascais tournament. Not only to play against top teams but also to see where their current level is and to train and meet other good players around Scandinavia. To have programs like NF Academy is fantastic. When you train with top-level coaches and other same age players you really see where the international football level is.»
Bjørn Helge Riise, former Fulham and Norwegian National team player

«It wasn’t until we came home that we saw the huge improvements in Kevin as a player. He has a new authority about him now, and his decision making is better. The reason for this is good experiences and good coaches at NF Academy. We won’t for a second regret we chose a team with the competence that NF Academy has.”
Thomas Hansvoll, former professional boxer and national champion

“The stay with NF Academy gave me a taste of everyday life as a professional. Very competent coaches and good players around me. The days were good, and I learned a lot. It was after this stay that I dared to visit foreign clubs to show what I can do.”
Lucas Kåhed, IFK Gøteborg and Sweden U17

“I am very happy with last year’s NF Academy participation in IberCup. It was very exciting and inspiring to get to play in a team with so many good players from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. I got motivated to give even more after having played against and seen how good oponents from countries such as Portugal, Spain and Mexico were.”
Fredrik Oppegård, Vålerenga and Norway U17

«During the easter of 2018, I was in Cascais, Portugal with NF Academy to participate in IberCup Cascais 2018. It was my first time with NF Academy, and a great experience. I got a lot from the trip. The training, matches, coaches and players were a fantastic mix of both fun and serious football.”
Filip Mellbin, Denmark U16


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