NF Virtual Academy

NF Virtual Academy give players the opportunity to work closely with their favorite coach. Through our 5-week program, players will be provided with a weekly physical, technical and theoretical training program and have a personal 1v1 feedback and guidance on all process.

Players will work with the same coach through the whole program and have one video consultation per week to evaluate the training week and get a new training program for the next week with instructions.


NF Virtual Academy is a program exclusively, for this 1st cycle (until end of April) for NF players, and this is destined for all who want to continue their work and development and also continue to develop their mental side as well as their physical and technical performance. The training programs will be customized to players level and age.

NF Virtual Academy is for NF Academy participants in the age 9 to 16, and we have limited spots: only 50 spots available.


The program starts with an individual consultation with a video phone call with the coach where he will introduce the program and explain better the goals and the way how it will work, explaining to the players what will be the challenges and the training program characteristics and to organize together with the player the 1st session.

Each week the player needs to send the video with the session made to his coach and also the test in relation to the challenges we have provided.

During the 5 weeks program, the player will together with his coach have a weekly video consultation where the sessions will be analysed and where they will together progress for the next one. The day and time for each weekly consultation will be decided in coordination with your coach.

What will I learn more about?

The training program will have different themes each week on the different areas of practice like below:

Physical Training Programs

Week 1 – Resistance

Week 2 – Coordination

Week 3 – Agility

Week 4 – Speed

Week 5 – Strength

Individual technique

Week 1 – Passing and receiving

Week 2 – Ball control

Week 3 – Drive the ball

Week 4 – Dribble

Week 5 – Shot


• Diagnosis with one introductory video phone consultation (15-20 minutes)
• 5 video phone calls (1 consultation per week X 15 min)
• 5 theoretical lectures (1 different per week)
• 5 physical training programs (1 different per week)
• 5 technical training programs (1 different per week)
• Each session will be set to have around 40-45 minutes and should be repeated 2 to 3 times on the week.

Price per player
160 EUR


We have the following coaches available to work closely with you in the NF Virtual Academy programs. If you are interested you can contact our coaches directly or, if you prefer, you send a request for reservation trough the button “Send Request”. Remember to specify which coach you want to work with in the contact form.


NB! Remember to specify your preferred coach in the question and comment field. The coach you specify will follow you up with more information about the program

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