I hope to finish the season with my first team debut

I hope to finish the season with my first team debut

Published on: 02/01/2020

I hope to finish the season with my first team debut

Odin Thiago Holm is deemed one of the biggest talents in Norway. After several years with trials and interest from top clubs in both foreign and domestic top flights, he is closer than ever to getting his first team debut with Vålerenga’s first team.

The 16 year old has already become a household name with those in the know in Norway. Over the last few years, the young midfielder has had trials with top clubs such as Rosenborg and Liverpool, but in the end it was Ronny Deila’s Vålerenga that managed to convince him to give them his signature. Despite all this, he was off to a rough start when he started his career at local club Kattem.

Honestly, I didn’t find football very interesting when I got into it as a six year old. I have this urge to master everything immediately, and it wasn’t until a year or two later that I decided I
wanted to become a professional. From thereon out, I spent every recess playing football with my mates and spent my free time at local pitches”



Odin Holm in action for NF Academy Elite Selection in Portugal against PSG under Ibercup
Odin Holm in action for NF Academy Elite Selection in Portugal against PSG under Ibercup
At the national team, Odin was captain at the G15 level.
At the national team, Odin was captain at the G15 level.

As already mentioned, top clubs were on to Odin at an early age. To many, joining the biggest and best will seem like a no brainer, but Odin knew what he was getting into when he chose Vålerenga.

From the age of twelve, I’ve played for Trygg Lade and Heimdal, and had trials with Liverpool and Midtjylland. Manchester United and Inter Milan were also interested, but I turned them down when Ranheim could promise me first team football. When I signed for Vålerenga, it was because they gave me a very good offer, where they promised I would be part of the first team and take part in forming and planning my own career.


A new life

Everyday life for a professional footballer differs from the one Odin had back in Trondheim. Playing in the top flight requires training every day and demands regarding his life off the pitch, which was new to the player.

Moving away from friends and family is new to me. We train every day, except for matchdays. We focus a lot on preparing for the next game, in addition to meetings and strength exercise. Our trainings are carefully analyzed, and I can see I have made huge progress since joining the club. It wasn’t until I joined Enga that I noticed how important it is to watch your diet and sleep cycle, so there isn’t really much time to be social when you have to focus on restitution after those long days. Luckily, I’ve made friends with other players. Most are a bit older than me, but there are always youth players training with us, who I get along with.




Hopeful for a good end of season

Odin used to captain Norway’s national team at G15 level, and he thinks getting called up for the national team or having trials with bigger clubs can be an educational experience.

The national team consists of the best of the best players your age, so the bar is set high. The same goes for trials. You play with other players your age, so you get a precise reference on how you compare.

After the season, more trials await, but before then Odin is hoping to get his debut for the first team in the Norwegian Premier League.

Right now I’ve got a small injury I am trying to get rid off, so my goal is to be 100 percent injury free and back in full training with the team. Hopefully I will get a few minutes on the pitch before the season ends. I’ve been in the squad before, but I have been unlucky with injury and illness since then, so it would be nice to end the season on a good note!


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