Flight from Copenhagen | NF ETC Portugal | Week 40 2024

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( From Copenhagen  )

In this form you can order flight to travel to the event location.


This will be limited to 15 Passengers. | Seats still available: 15

• Roundtrip flights - Direct flight
• Checked luggage (23kg)
• Roundtrip transportation - to/from airport in Portugal
Departure 29/09/2024 from Oslo Gardermoen at 12:45
Arrival Lisbon at 15:35 (Flight TP 753)

Departure 05/10/2024 from Lisbon at 12:10
Arrival Oslo Gardermoen at 16:50 (Flight TP 754)

By accepting this offer you also accept the terms and conditions specified below.

Note: Limited number of seats - first come first served!

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:

• When the customer accepts the offer, payment (100%) must be made to Active Tours AS within the next 14 days after receiving order confirmation from Active Tours.

• The transport is organized by Active Tours AS for groups. Please note that transportation can be shared with other participants.

• If the customer cancels or cancels the journey, the customer will be charged 100% of the costs accepted in the offer.

• The customer is responsible for being at the airport well in advance of departure (for connecting flights we recommend to calculate 3 hours before departure). If the Customer is not in place at check-in and boarding, and thus loses his flight, Active Tours AS is not responsible and will not process refunds.

• If a liaison aircraft is affected by a change made by an airline (such as cancellation or altered departure time) that causes the customer to make changes to the booking made through Active Tours - the customer is responsible for any fees and additional charges incurred in order to make changes to the unaffected flight.

• Additional fees may be levied by some airlines for meals, baggage, preferred seat choices, etc. Active Tours AS is not responsible for such fees and information on fees displayed on the Website is for informational purposes only and may be subject to change by airlines at any time.

• Active Tours AS has no control over the allocation of seats on any air transport, even if it is pre-booked with the airline, and does not guarantee that certain seats will be available on departure. Active Tours AS also has no control over any indications of the length of the flight in terms of time. It is the airlines that indicate the relevant air transport services, which are only indicative and which can be changed at short notice.

• The customer must also check and confirm that the details stated for all parties in the order are full and accurate.

• If an airline interrupts, delays an aircraft, or overbooks so that one does not arrive at the flight or arrives at the destination delayed - or causes a customer to lose a connecting flight - the customer may be entitled to compensation under Regulation (EC) No 261 / 2004. However, this requirement must be addressed directly to the airline in question.

Sunday, 29/09/2024

Saturday, 05/10/2024

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