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Included: Coach analyzes a full match, build a report with all match situations where the player is involved and execute a meeting with him to give feedback and guidance.

After your purchase, our analyst will contact you by email requesting the full match video.



Our scouting expert will analyse a full match and create a report with all the match situations where the player is involved. This report will get a complete overview from the current player needs, strengths, a numerical evaluation from several individual characteristics and other important inputs.

The player will also get a meeting with our expert to provide guidance about the next steps that he should take and what should be his focus in the upcoming training sessions.


This program is available for every player, regardless of their age, position, level, gender or country.

Most of the players start and finish their youth career without a single evaluation from a professional, they just have their feelings about their own performance, but nothing better to a player know his level and identify his needs than a session with an expert that already scouted players from all age groups and competition levels.

NF Scout Expert


With 15 years experience at 3 top clubs in Portugal (SL Benfica, Sporting CP and SC Braga), Ricardo is an expert in match analysis and player analysis.

One of his best skills and passions is guiding youth players to improve their weaknesses and the most relevant skills per position. He is super successful in identifying quality and also in bringing up the potential from the younger ones.



– Full player analyses report per game (see below about what contains the report)
– 30 minutes meeting with our NF expert.


The player report will take one week to be ready after the request. It contains:
– All the individual statistics from the match analysed.
– Strong Points.
– Aspects to improve.
– List with inputs to support the player’s development.
– Numeric evaluation from Technical, Physical, Tactical and Personality characteristics.

After the report is ready, the player will have a 30 minutes meeting session with our scouter, Ricardo Damas, to provide most personalized guidance.