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Team Training provides international opportunities

Published on: 16/09/2019

Team Training provides international opportunities


In the fall, NF Academy will starts a new season of the NF Team Training in Oslo, Bergen and Haugesund.


NF Team Training is a follow up on all the training camps NF Academy has had in Norway for the past two years. Skilled and motivated players will have the opportunity to work closely with an experienced Portuguese coach during fall. Those who participate in this program will also be part of a group of talented players from their region, all of whom are candidates to be selected for international and regional selection tournaments throughout 2020.

The idea and intention behind the NF Team Training program is to get more continuity and regular training sessions with the same player group over a long period of time. We believe it will have a positive impact in the player’s development work, and we want to offer that to Norwegian talented and dedicated young players, says head coach Ricardo Damas.

NF Team Training is divided into the following regions: East (Oslo / Akershus), West (Hordaland / Sogn og Fjordane) and Haugesund (Rogaland).



High intensity trainings throughout the season
High intensity trainings throughout the season
Guidance from experienced Portuguese coaches
Guidance from experienced Portuguese coaches
Training matches to improve the players game knowledge
Training matches to improve the players game knowledge

International Opportunities

NF Team Training is program that delivers high quality training within the same player group from September 2019 to April 2020. The program runs over 5 weekend sessions in Oslo, Bergen or Haugesund, where there are also opportunities for players who live farther away to apply. Each player must then decide which geographical location is best suited for travel and accommodation.

Team Training will be the main recruiting channel for international tournaments and programs after winter and spring 2020. Among other opportunities, for the NF Selection Riga Cup in January / February, most players will be recruited or selected from the Team Training program. In addition, it offers several opportunities for programs in Norway, where you get training in a high-level group.

NF Team Training focuses on high intensity trainings with players of similar age in their region. During the program, the players will have team trainings, training matches, team meetings, individual player conversations and a follow up plan on the player’s development.

The training team will have the same coach and and staff. The goal is to improve both the individual skills and the understanding of the game as a team, concludes coach Ricardo Damas.

NF Academy Team Training starts in mid-September and will run throughout the winter with regular gatherings and tournament participation.

I want to train with NF Academy

Send us a short request with the player’s background and the type of activities you want to participate in. We follow up with advice on which local and international programs can suit you.

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