Testimonial from the Steiner Family - NF ACADEMY

Testimonial from the Steiner Family

Published on: 15/02/2019


“The highlights of NF Academy as a team were in Cascais when we took us far in the tournament and played very well together, even though we did not do so earlier”, says Alfredo Steiner

Alfredo has been playing at IFK Göteborg (U12) since December 2015. The first time he participated in NF’s program was summer 2017, IberCup Esbjerg. He is extremely purposeful, we feel many times that it is not possible to slow him down. Although he is good at enjoying the moment and where he is, he loves new challenges, environments and inspiration from different coaches and players. The set of Portuguese coaches and faster games attracted him to NF Academy.

The week in Esbjerg gave him so much, both playfully and socially. Many of the guys he met then he still has contact with. Alfredo experienced everything in a professional way, and especially appreciated the evaluation report which is obtained after the program has been completed. His new goals always become clearer with it.

We were so pleased with the week that we also applied for IberCup Cascais in the spring of 2018. Since then, Alfredo has participated in the invitation cup Coelho Verde, IberCup Esberg 2018 and most recently NF Elite in Lisbon. In all programs he has had fantastic trainers with high competence and who are very good at conveying their ideas and thoughts. The training camp was an excellent opportunity to refine what every football player wants to do. The cups have been good opportunities to measure up with other European football players.

Alfredo himself says: The highlights of  NF Academy as a team were in IberCup Cascais 2018 when we took us far in the tournament and played very well together, even though we did not do so earlier. It was wonderful to meet the Spanish and Portuguese teams that play differently to what we are used to in the Nordic countries. For me individually, the training camp in Lisbon was absolutely fantastic, loved to play with the older players and of course the visit to Sporting and the training with their coach was something I will always remember. All I have learned here, I take with me and use at home with my team.

In conclusion: this was not the last time we went with the NF Academy!


Alfredo, Therese and Cristian Steiner

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